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PRORADIS is a company that develops software specialized in the management and operation of radiology clinics and laboratories. It all started on December 1st, 2012, date of the founding of PRORADIS. About us, we are a Brazilian company whose premise is to build the foundation for the revolution in the healthcare industry, further enhancing the services of its clinic or laboratory for its patient, connecting idle supply and demand in an unprecedented way through conjuncture of unique technologies.

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We at PRORADIS aim our efforts to do the best service for you, and in this way we understand our mission:

“To guarantee our partners greater safety, accuracy, convenience and speed through the best radiology and teleradiology solutions.”

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Cliente - PRORADIS

This is Mauro, manager of a radiological clinic. Look at the happiness on his face! But of course, PRORADIS accompanies him on your journey. From the moment we started our partnership, his clinic got better processes and more practicality in your daily life.

Through our complete software, SmartRIS, Mauro controls your entire clinic in a completely digital way. Scheduling exams, access reports, and full-time exams visualization, undetermined imaging diagnostics in a unique and personalized environment.

He optimized the way he delivered his exams. Now they are shared 100% automatically, so it has reduced manual tasks and their lead times.

He was so happy, he bought the APP! A platform that broadens the performance of your organization, offering its customers a wide range of features and an incredible technology experience.

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Cliente - PRORADIS

This is Stephen, is also a manager of a radiological clinic. But by his countenance and the disorganization of his desk, he certainly did not follow Mauro’s example. We understand Stephen’s frustration. His dissatisfaction with not automating his processes is a recurring problem in the management of radiological clinics.

Stephen faces problems in every area of ​​his clinic. The service, performed by phone, without digitized medical records, and difficult to find schedules. The problems with closing your balance sheet.

Worst of all, are the high absenteeism rates. Stephen does not have the ability to automatically communicate with his clients. Your patients don’t even receive exam reminder emails. And your no-show is loud…

The only integration available to Stephen are its obstacles, with its complications. Ahh, if he knew that PRORADIS can solve every problem he has in his clinic…

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