APP 2.0 flexible, elegant and reliable

Innovative and completely customized


A powerful digital ecosystem

Totally secure communication




The app has an intuitive interface that extends the performance and connectivity of clinics with their patients and requesters.

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The platform can be customized with your clinic’s visual identity. In addition, allow viewing of all your patient information.

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The app has integration with our report center, IMAGE2DOC. And it provides electronic medical records, reports and diagnostics imaging.

Key operating resources

Ensuring of the best features

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Increase your brand visibility and boost your exposure, add all information about your clinic.


APP operates remotely, having full-time access to the full platform for the clinic, patients, and requesters.

App - consulta

Consult all your clinics exams histories quickly and easily, with just a click of your finger.


Schedule exams for your patients efficiently, quickly and easily, by sending a confirmation link.

APP - Automático

Generate optimization to your processes, the patients data is automatically routed to your requestors clinic.

Compartilhar - APP

Share reports, diagnostics imaging, and exams performed by your clinic, fully automated.

Meet the Patient Central

App is seamlessly integrated with the modern feature of PRORADIS, the Patient Central! The platform allows scheduling, sharing, viewing, sending exams and reports directly to your patients through your smartphone. It is evident that this detail will promote greater ease and agility to your processes. In addition, improve the relationship with your customers, making your service more interactive and fully digital.

App 2.0