High-speed data and exams distribution

More efficiency to your diagnostics processes

IMAGE2DOC - Central do Paciente

All the key features at IMAGE2DOC

A dynamic report center

IMAGE2DOC - Smartphone

Fully practical and digital, all your customers information is organized and dated by periods.

IMAGE2DOC - Smartphone

Securely, you can remotely access all data shared between patients, your clinic and your requesters.

Web Checkin - Smartphone

IMAGE2DOC has a totally safe and technological environment, adding speed to the processes performed.

IMAGE2DOC - Smartphone

The report central allows full readability of all shares for your clinic, your clients and those requesting exams.

An intuitive digital experience

Simple and efficient

Simplify your organization system by optimizing the way your clinic provides your imaging diagnostics. With this amazing work tool, you can view and share exams with fellow professionals for different opinions. Other health professionals can contribute to the resolution of more complex and difficult to understand cases. This report central provides a exclusive digital experience, viewing and sharing exams.

Central de Solicitante ProRadis

Advanced integrations on IMAGE2DOC

Powerful solutions

Central do Paciente


The Patient Central allows you the sharing of all exams, reports and images, all dated and properly organized.



The App definitely introduces sophistication to your clinic's values and can be customized to your visual identity.

Central de Solicitante ProRadis


Equivalent to the Patient Central, that of requesters performs the same function, but health professionals can share exams.