Fast data and exam distribution with your requesters

Much more connection with your requesters

Central de Solicitante ProRadis

Integrated Solutions at Requester Center

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Central do Solicitante


With IMAGE2DOC you can share and view images, exams and reports. A completely secure and exclusive ecosystem.



Allow your patients to schedule exams and confirm them before arrival at your clinic. Reduce your no-show!

Optimize time by automating processes

More reliable and efficient procedures

App da clínica

Through its innovative and exclusive technology, this central shares reports, exams and diagnostics imaging.

Ícone informação App da Clínica

Get a unique channel for your requesters to access only the exams which are available from your clinical professionals.


Communication between your clinic and your requesters will be at the world famous messaging app.

Central do Paciente

The requester central generates convenience and ease, having a private area for you to connect your requesters with your clinic.

Central do Paciente

Through this modern feature you will engage your requesters, because the requester central has remote access and full time!

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The Patient Central has a totally safe and effective environment. It has an intuitive interface and simple to navigate. Where your patients can view all of their exams, imaging diagnoses, and the reports that are available to them. This central is completely private and secure, which offers convenience for users who access it.