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Check out the main tools of SmartRIS

Fully intuitive digital system

Agendamento - PRORADIS


SmartRIS allows you to organize all your EPR – Electronic Patient Records, and their exams. Facilitating the access to information.

Agendamento - PRORADIS


Search for times with fewer clicks to schedule. Allowing the confirmation of the exam, before the arrival of the patient in his clinic.

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Automation of all revenues, shipping, and billing processes. Allowing categorized revenue and expense management.



Sophistication and total efficiency for viewing and handling your high definition imaging diagnostic exams. 

Key features of SmartRIS platform software

Full-service network of radiology professionals

EPR at process automation

More innovation to the patient

By tailoring your patient histories, you get sophisticated management insight and complete control over all stages of your exam lifecycle, adding transparency and efficiency to your workflow. And allow your patients to view compliments, images, and documents from any workstation, even remotely, full time.

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Agendamento - PRORADIS

Entire management of scheduling

Totally process automation

Reduce your deadlines and optimize your clinic’s service with RIS – Radiology Information System. With this amazing software it is possible to make intelligent schedules, with easy search of times. Automatic communications with your patients. And thus, helping to reduce your absenteeism, the so-called “no-show”, through email reminders, or smartphone, in our integrated Whats.

A completely billing center

ERP full integration

SmartRIS is designed to easily integrate the Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Management system with SAP Business One. This gives you complete control of your financial operations, billing, and covenant management. Talk to our specialists, and learn why our system is considered the most advanced and flexible in managing diagnostic imaging clinics.

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DICOM Viewer

The interaction of the DICOM Viewer

Image Preview Modernization

The software has the DICOM Viewer feature, allowing the visualization and construction of 2D (MPR) and 3D (volumetric) exams, as well as X-ray simulations. This format has a very simple to use, very intuitive, and comes with other powerful features, providing maximum extraction of imaging diagnostics from your clinic. High definition images is the differential of this mechanism.

Advantages of SmartRIS platform software

Full-service network of radiology professionals



The software will allow you full integration between equipment through the worklist, management system and reporting.



Our support is awarded, either by phone, email or online chat with 98.9% of satisfied customers, thus confirming our efficiency.



Choose the best method for deploying and installing your system. This way you choose between face-to-face or remote deployment.

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