Powerful digital engine to Dentalcare

Purpose of automating your clinic


Automatically and quickly generating images

Radiological report with descriptions

SmartRIS Odonto


SmartRIS Dental allows you to create high quality cephalometric charts and graphs. Consecrated one of the best orthodontic analysis today.

SmartRIS Odonto


Ideal for making accurate orthodontic models. Get the same confidence in your analysis by switching from traditional to digital models.

SmartRIS Odonto


A tool that allows us to conclude the precise shape of bone age and to perform the growth curve with the parameterization, based on orthodontic indexes.

SmartRIS Odonto


This is a feature of SmartRIS Dental that allows you to perform complete and accurate analyzes so that dental planning is more accurate.

Establishing an accurate dental diagnosis

Much faster dental care upload

SmartRIS Odonto

Digital Cephalometry

Integrated AI solution

A very simple tool to use, with it you make cephalometric tracings, which has semi-automatic guides for the analyzes most used by dentists in the dental market, allowing too the creation of new analyzes, if the professional wishes.

Development of models for analysis

Faster and more efficient results

The highest technology in orthodontic models as reliable as plaster models, but without risks of transport, fragility or need for space for allocation. Its visualization can be done in 2D or 3D, and presents lower risk of information loss and can be manipulated at a distance.

SmartRIS Odonto
SmartRIS Odonto

Reports with odontograms

Practical interface

With the SmartRIS Dental system you can offer to your requesters more agile and customized results in a more professional way. With it you can make all your reports described with pre-configured terms, and select the regions that are analyzed with one click.

Panoramic analysis for implants

Detailing and accuracy

In addition to being able to observe 2D panoramic radiography, SmartRIS Dental also offers panoramics to implant with high precision of the tracings performed, allowing the dental professional a more detailed and competent analysis of the bone and its adjacent structures.

SmartRIS Odonto

The key features of SmartRIS Dental

Fully dynamic processes



The SmartRIS Dental has remote access for managers and employees through any browser with internet connection.



Monitor how long the patient stays in each sector, analyze the cost and efficiency of their care process.



Automation of the billing, submission and collection processes of the covenant guides, thus eliminating numerous manual activities.



Instantly transcribe words through your voice and reduce your professionals' bureaucratic time to write reports.



The 3D viewer is responsible for creating high quality representations, increasing the efficiency of data and results calculation.

The SmartRIS Dental tools reunion

Optimize your clinical results

Manage a unique database of your patients. Control your schedule by operator. Schedule, confirm and cancel exams through multiple calendar views. You are able to organize your budgets, procedures and waiting room.

Make your calls through a controlled flow. Issue your TISS tabs, generate labels, and custom protocols, and if should any problems occur, automatically recover your data.

Generate reports of your attendance, your technical productivity, financial movements, and exams sent to your requesters.

Manage the delivery of exams performed in your clinic, which have advanced search filter. And manage your exit reports for exams.

Analyze your cephalometries, your facial, model, implant panoramic and carpal indexes.

Generate your reports, and as soon as they are ready, notify your patients with pre-configured templates and phrases with your digital signature. Make your reports available online, so your patients can view their reports, view diagnostic diagnostics, and also the odontogram.

Access different dashboards like administrative, financial, productivity, and orthodontic control.

Manage your cash flow, which includes the accounts payable and receivable area, the cost center, the securities issue, the batch query generator, the income statement, your clinical inventory. The system is linked to the invoice.