Quickly and intuitive software SmartRIS Medical

Much more accuracy to your diagnosis

SmartRIS Médico

A powerful digital platform

Impressive tools of the system


SmartRIS Medical allows you to control all sectors of your clinic fully and completely integrated in the system, simply and safely.

SmartRIS Médico


Getting the system you can provide imaging diagnostics, exams and reports available through a cloud server indefinitely.

SmartRIS Médico


Through a safe and intuitive complete environment, you can set up automated templates to deliver reports.

SmartRIS Médico


The system provides you an area where all your clinical information is dated and organized by chronological periods.

Increase your results with the digital process

SmartRIS Medical have a powerful resources

Totally control of management

Complete organization of reports

SmartRIS Medical has an intelligent and interactive report organization system. Allowing your clinic to organize exams by modality, date, requesters, status, and more. This feature has a production tools, editing and sharing reports, directly on the platform.

Quickly distribute your exams

Completely easy access

Share exams and reports with just one click. The system stores and organizes the documents produced in the program on a cloud server available 24 hours a day. This innovative feature allows your exams to be accessed, edited or shared anytime.

SmartRIS Médico

Automated Report Customization

Intuitive and simple ecosystem

Create pre-configured pages for your reports. This process allows the clinician to configure custom document templates with specific elements in a fully secure digital environment. Decreasing the execution time between reports.

Cloud server system

Fast and easy access

All information registered in SmartRIS Medical, is organized and dated on a cloud server and within the system itself. This information can be easily accessed in cases of audit, or evaluation of the overall performance of your clinic, and your medical staff as a whole.

SmartRIS Médico

A robust range of tools

Optimazing your medical clinic



SmartRIS Medical has a remote access for managers and employees through any browser with internet connection.

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Monitor how long the patient stays in each sector in yoour clinic, analyze the cost and efficiency of your care process.



Automate billing, shipping, and billing processes for covenant guides, thereby eliminating numerous manual activities.



Use just your voice and reduce satisfactorily the bureaucracy time of your clinical professionals to prepare reports.



This feature creates high quality image representations, increasing your efficiency in verifying your data and results.

The main features of SmartRIS Medical

Automate your clinic processes

Organize your exam scheduling, confirmations, and cancellations across multiple calendar views. It has a unique patient database, operator control, budget management, procedures and waiting room.

Make your calls through a controlled flow. Issue your TISS tabs, generate labels, and custom protocols, and if should any problems occur, automatically recover your data.

Manage metrics for your entire clinic. Generate reports to track your attendances, analyzing your financial movements, procedures performed, materials used, and technical productivity, and after making your automated medical payment produce your report as well.

Control the issuance of your exam delivery and exam reports through an advanced search filter.

Issue your reports and diagnostics by images made directly on the internet, with your digital signature. And as soon as they’re ready, let your patients know that you’ve made them available immediately via email or smartphone notification. And can generate templates and pre-configured phrases to speed up the process.

Have full control of all areas of your clinic, such as administrative, financial, productivity and medical control.

Organize your patient’s journey in your clinic. Use the patient’s timeline and exam history for order fulfillment, observation of EPR integrated imaging reports and diagnostics.

Manage your cash flow, which includes the accounts payable and receivable area, the cost center, the securities issue, the batch query generator, the income statement, your clinical inventory. The system is linked to the invoice.