Web Checkin optimizes your scheduling

Automate your clinic processes

Web Chekin ProRadis

Procedures more simple and fast

Anticipating your clinical processes

APP 2.0 ProRadis


Web Checkin can be integrated with unique solutions that only PRORADIS provides. The features of APP and Whats will speed up your procedures!



The system sends confirmation links via text messages. Thus, preventing communication failures between your clinic and your patient.

Web checkin


Allow all your patients to fill in complete medical record information before they arrive at your clinic. Fast forward your processes!

Extend your patients' journey experience

Improving your scheduling

Web Checkin - Smartphone

Provide to your patients and staff with an integrated communications environment to make their processes more agile.

App da Clínica - Referências de mercado

Meet the exclusive and personalized APP! It has a fully interactive ecosystem where exam schedules take place.

Web Checkin

Do you know what the Whats it can do for you? It reduces your “no show” by sending confirmation links through the app.

Web Check in is totally integrated

Optimize your communication channels



In an intuitive and secure environment you can schedule exams, view and share information, do reports, and imaging diagnostics.



This feature enhances the way you communicate! You will have a direct connection between your clinic, your patients and your requesters.