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Now you can use the Whats in your clinic

Integração Whats

Automate how your clinic communicates

Fast and reliable digital tool



This feature makes it possible to send exam confirmation links, speeding up all scheduling processes. Decrease your patient absenteeism!



Simplify your scheduling services objectively and efficiently! Check in before your patients arrive at your clinic, spare your working time.



Motivate your customers by showing appreciation for them! With this feature you accompany your patients throughout their examination journey.

The key features of Whats

Update your communication

Central do Paciente

Environment totally private and safe! You can filter contact conversations within your message bank.


Control all communication processes in your clinic! Making response time to your customers shorter.

IMAGE2DOC - Smartphone

Use targeted messages! Your clients will be notified immediately upon completion of the reports.


Speed up as your clinical demands solutions! You can set up automatic and custom responses.

Just look at how many tools Whats is present

Make your communication professional

Image2Doc ProRadis


The complete software for the management of radiological clinics. It digitizes old processes, saving you and your customers' time.

APP 2.0 ProRadis


The app that introduces elegance and sophistication to your clinic values, and can be fully customized with your visual identity.

APP 2.0 ProRadis


This unique tool is used for exam scheduling. With it you can streamline and facilitate all clinical processes by automating your procedures.

App odontologia


All centers are the sharing areas as well as exam views. Being composed by the Central of the Patient, the Requester and Reports.

Get access to Conversation

Efficient automation

Check the history of all conversations of your collaborators in Whats, 100% auditable and non-erasable. With this new feature, you can also filter conversations by patients and requesters within the platform, allowing more collaborators to communicate with their customers, acquiring greater functionality for their clinic.

Web Chekin ProRadis